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    im losing my mind

    My white friend’s mom made this exact meal when I spent the night in 10th grade. It felt like chewing on dust




    do poc not eat chicken and vegetables ?

    Lmfao look at this comment

    I’m so confused because this is a genuine meal in England? is this some inside usa joke i dont get or something

    The joke is that ya’ll had the nerve to invade 90% of the earth for spices and then not use a single one.

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  2. Anonymous said: Hey do you have a link to the original Japanese subbed episodes of Avatar: Legend of Korra? Not this English dubbed shite.



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    Begin Again (2013/2014)

    This is a new song so it might be kind of rough. It’s for anyone who’s ever been a l o n e in the city.

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    whats better than this

    guys being dudes

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    Mass Execution of aboriginal Children from the Mohawk Residential School located in Ontario. They took all those children and stood them up next to a big ditch, then they shot them all and they all fell into the ditch. Some of the kids were still alive and they just poured the dirt in on top of them. Buried them alive.

    Prisoners of the church. This mass murder happened in 1943 – in Brantford, Ontario, on land occupied by the Canadian Army, at its Basic Training Camp Number 20

    Lorna McNaughton of Ohsweken, Ontario: is a survivor of the infamous “Mush Hole”, the Brantford Mohawk Indian residential school, run by the Church and Crown of England until 1970.

    Why were these children shot?

    The school was overcrowded just then. She was there, Lorna saw the army bring in all these cots for lots of new kids who showed up from all over the country. They must have just wanted to get rid of all the extra hungry mouths; it was wartime and everything was rationed. One day those new kids were in the dorms, then they were all taken out, and were never seen again.

    A probable site of this mass burial of the executed children has been located, and is now under the protection and jurisdiction of the Onkwehonwe Mohawk Nation and its clan mothers. #indigenous #aboriginal

    The investigation into the Canadian Genocide continues.

    The Mohawk residential school Institute, 1832-1970 – Church of England (Anglican) operated - Ontario.

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  6. "Das some white people shit."
    — Usually said when one suggests an activity that can be dangerous to ones health and/or well-being. (via blackproverbs)

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    i have watched this at least 300 times and have laughed every single time

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    that is not a dog that is the continent of australia 

    clifford went through a goth phase

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    Hello, I’m Angela and my url is milktitty.tumblr.com. ^^

    Just a year ago, I wouldn’t have been bothered if  someone were to refer to me as “exotic.” In fact, I would have been flattered. I thought that it meant that I was somehow special or different. My mother felt the same way. Actually, she still feels that way. She was the one who had initially convinced me of the idea after all.

    I’m Filipina. Filipina women, to them, are supposed to be this extra exotic breed… Not only are we Asian but we’re also tan, have big eyes (don’t worry they’re still nice and almond-shaped!), and often have Spanish surnames. How cool! How unique! How exotic! Yeah, the Philippines was conquered by the Spanish for a while, so that kinda makes them like Mexicans right? Yeah, like the Mexicans of Asia! (I can’t believe I didn’t speak out against such bullshit…)

    Little did I know that these people (mostly white men…) who “preferred” Filipina girls for their “exoticness” were actually gross fetishizers. The idea of appearing somehow different and mysterious to these dudes at first seemed appealing. But then you realize that those people don’t really see you for you…

    They see how different you are from them. They see all the stereotypes that you are supposedly comprised of instead of your actual personality. They see the woman in that super freaky foreign porn that they watched just a few days ago. Their perspective of you is severely warped by a thick veil covering their eyes, and that veil is called fetishization.

    And the very sad part is that a good amount of Filipin@s, woman and men and everyone in between, are proud of being seen this way! Filipin@ pride is a great thing. I’m very proud of being Filipina! But being thought of as this bizarre and unusual item from a faraway land should not be something we’re proud of. This should not be included in the celebration of being Filipin@. We’re supposed to reject it, but sadly many of us either embrace it or just don’t care enough about it.

    Hopefully those Filipin@s will someday open their eyes and see how fucking messed up it all is. Dear Filipin@s, please don’t support such a gross perception of yourselves.

    Fuck fetishization. Fuck racism. Fuck whiteness. Fuck being “exotic.”

    I AM NOT EXOTIC. I’m not a strange dish or some kind of imported rug.

    I’m a human being.

    And the same goes for you. Remember this and have a good life.

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